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Ok...I made a mistake. Not a huge one but one nonetheless. I was so ticked at Kim and poor treatement of me and my children that I wrote a scathing...although very in my lovinstitch blog. Was writing it a mistake? No. It helped me vent and release some of the anger I had. Was it a mistake not deleting it? Absolutely. Not because Kim read it but because it was something very blunt and brutally honest. Something that shouldn't have been posted. Period. Will I make excuses for what I did? No. I'm better than that. I made a mistake. I'm human. I received a threatening email from Kim last night and an email from her fiance telling me I was a piece of sh*t among other expletives. He also called my cell and left a trash mouthed voicemail. I really didn't expect much less from all of it. I'm not perfect. I made a mistake. I have fixed the mistake and in all honesty....I should have deleted lovinstitch a long time ago. I just didn't want to let it go. I believe last night was God's way of saying "Ok Tracey. It's time for you to say goodbye". My faith was thrown in my face last night. Again...I didn't expect anything else from them. Last time I heard....Jesus had it thrown in his face also. Same with the diciples and ever Christian since then. I'm ok. I finally faced God last night and asked for His guidance in my life. Without Him...I am nothing. :)


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Home for a month

And I really wish I was back on the ship. Life is so much easier when you are on a cruise ship. No cares. No worries. Just having fun and relaxing. I can't even begin to say how much I enjoyed the trip. It was truly something that had to be experienced. Here is my trip in a quick pictorial:

Our first meeting. It was like seeing family again. :)

Welcome to Forks!!!

Forks Police car

What is left of Forks High School. I got lucky and there was a contractor giving a couple of girls a brick from the school. Yes...I got a brick also. :)

Bella's house. While we were here taking pics the owners were inside taking pics of us. LOL

Bella's place of employment.

Mini meadow!!!! Okay...we were laying in a bunch of clover but it was our own meadow. :)

The Cullen house. This place is GORGEOUS!!!

First Beach at La Push. I have fallen in love with this beach and to be kicks Cannon Beach's ass all over the place.

Me and Rhonda at First Beach. I love this woman!!! She is one of the most…
I have created a new blog. It won't be posted in daily. It will just be a place where I vent. I refuse to tarnish and muddle up this blog with ugliness from other peoples interferrence in my life. It will contain basically things which will help me heal from hurts that have been caused to me by others and from myself. I think it will be a good thing.

The hypocrisy is everywhere!!!

Non-Christians judge Christians. Christians judge non-Christians. So tell me...who are the hypocrites here? Every last one of them. I was reading some comments on a fictional book that just so happened to be Christian fiction. I love to read and have read some Christian fiction but this is one that I will not be reading due to personal opinions and reasons. Does either side not grasp the concept that everyone has their own thoughts and their own opinions? When someone voices their opinion on something "Christian" it's as if all of hades has opened up and all of the wrath from that has been poured down upon the person who made their thoughts known. Personally...I believe that "Christians" are the worst offenders out of everyone on this planet.

My view on Christians is that they are the biggest hypocrites of them all. They preach their views and beliefs. Live as they live or you will perish and be sent to the bowels of hell. Seriously? Every religion …