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I lost my father today. I still have my dad but the man who was part who I am biologically is gone. A man I will never know. A man whom I have heard nothing but good about from 2 people who loved him. I spoke with his brother today. I have an Uncle Jerry now. He told me a little bit about the man who was my father. He said he was a good man. Someone who was there for everyone but...don't piss him off. Once you betrayed his was gone and regaining it was difficult to do if ever. Very much like me. He had blue eyes...just like me. Brown hair...just like me. Not a big man....I'm on the small side. He had no butt...definately my father. I have no butt either. Totally flat. He was a man who kept his life to himself other than close friends. Very much like me. I'm guessing that he had a temper as mine has a tendency to flare up at wrongs being done to me or my family. So many questions are running through my head with the information I gained today. …
It is going to be one of those weekends...I can already tell. So for some visual excitement, stimulation and just pure eye candy...

Damn but that man is gorgeous....:)
Can my life just get any weirder? Good grief. Someone walked into my office today whom I have not seen in a very long time. Took me completely by surprise. I'm still in shock. It wasn't a bad thing seeing this person. Just unexpected. I am so ready for the 3 day weekend. LOL
Don't even ask why.... Will you be there beside me If the world falls apart
And will all of our moments Remain in your heart Will you be there to guide me All the way through, I wonder will you?Walk by my side, and follow my dreams And bear with my pride, as strong as it seems Will you be there tomorrow?Will you be there beside me As time goes on by And be there to hold me Whenever I cry Will you be there to guide me All the way through, I wonder will you?Walk by my side, and follow my dreams...
I love auctions. Sometimes too much. I've been a good girl lately though. My only purchase was last night. The PBS station here in town has an auction every year and they were winding it up last night. Everything was going for next to nothing. I bought a kitty package for POTO. It was a $90 value and I got it for $16. She will now have her shots, nails clipped, a physical, a carrier and a bag of food. I really like getting bargains like that. Makes things so much easier on me financially. :) The kids went to J's friends birthday party last night. They had such a good time. I had such a nice peaceful evening. LOL I did call the parents and ask if a certain child was invited to the party. I received a resounding NO!!! I felt better knowing that. Had this child been invited my girls wouldn't have gone. Speaking of birthday's, tomorrow is J's birthday. :( I cannot believe my baby is going to be 7 years old!!! She isn't a baby anymore. Why do t…
And now...back to our regularly scheduled program. I've had enough drama and BS to last me the rest of the year and even possibly a lifetime. :) LOL Oh how I've missed this man... :)

Well it was an interesting say the least. I will spare you the gory details. Lets just say that God works in ways you will never understand but just accept how things come about. J and I were in a parade yesterday. Got soaked before it started...seeing how it was raining cats and dogs. The rest of the day was good. Went to a block yard sale in Joey's neighborhood. Joey being a new female friend of mine. Actually it was a couple of blocks. Only icky part about it was I saw my ex mother in law. By the Grace of God...she did not see me. Everytime I see that woman she has to belittle me and try to make me feel an inch high like she did when I was married to her son 14 freaking years ago!!! I wanted to avoid that at all costs. I just wasn't in the mood for it. Wow...did that just freak me out or what? It's been 14 years since I married my first husband. June 21, 1992 was the day we got married. Crap!!!! It doesn't seem like it's been that l…
I read something today which defies all logic or at least logic how I know it. I told a few of my friends about what I read and asked them their opinions on it. All of them had the same answer. There is no logic to it at all. I know that my friends will be totally honest with their thoughts and opinions so please tell me your take on this.. "family is someone you see all the time and is someone you are close with..."I'm unsure what to think of this. If this is true then I have no family at all other than my children. My parents and brother live in CA and I see them maybe twice a year. I have a cousin who also lives in CA whom I see maybe every 4 years. I have another cousin who lives in Oklahoma and I haven't seen her since I was in 8th grade. I even have a sister in Texas whom I haven't seen for 13 years. By the above logic I have no family. If this is how it works I would certainly like to know because for 39 years I've always thought that my mom…
What the frick???? I have had the day from hell today and it's not even a flipping Monday!!!!!!! First I get a phone call telling me that I need brakes all the way around on my car. Well I knew that pretty much. What I didn't know was how much it was going to cost. How about $400 fricking dollars!!!! Needless to say I will not be trading my car in this fall for a different one. I'm going to fix up the one I have and keep it for my older daughter. She will be driving in a little over 4 years. May as well keep it. Second I got a call from an irate client and I thought I had calmed him down by taking care of the problems. Oh no....he decided to go off just a bit more. Late fees...we all know what those are right? Well he went ballistic about the late fee he had and asked "What the hell is going on???" I told him that the company has been making some changes and that we are now charging a late fee. His comment to that? "Well I'm going to be ma…
I just got some really cool and exciting news!!! I'm gonna be in a commercial. How cool is that??? One of our clients works for a television station here in town and she said that when the commercial came up she immediately thought of me. She said I would have a line or two and that I would be so cute in it. LOL I'm 39 years old and still thought of as cute. Is this a good thing? Ok...maybe it is. I'll accept it. I'm all excited about this. The commercial will not only be playing in Yakima...where I live...but in other towns as well. :) How about being in a commercial to show someone that my life has taken a turn for the better??? Go me...go me...go go go me....:) doesn't pay but it will be exposure and getting my voice and face in front of the production guys so who knows...I may end up doing more of these things. Not so much my face...that is too frightening even for me to think of. The voice thing though? Definately. I was going to int…
What a good weekend. Friday evening K's friend came over for dinner and I had made cheese zombies and tomato soup. When her friends sister came to pick both girls up...K was spending the night with her friend because she had a rabbit show on Saturday...I gave the last 4 zombies to her and her friends. I have now pleased teenagers. My life is good. LOL They loved them and said they were way better than the schools....:) I didn't do much on Saturday. Went to wally world and picked up critter foods...yes I said foods. Rabbit, cat, kitten, hamster. Foods. This morning was a great Mothers Day morning. My girls made crepes and had gifts for me. Most of today was a lazy day. They played while I was on the phone with Joey. Joey would be a girl...don't get excited. LOL I'm making friends here in town and that is a good thing. Even better...they are Christians. Isn't God good? :) I had to go back to wally world this afternoon...which ticked me off because…
Holy crap!!!! I just baked 2 1/2 dozen cookies in less than 20 minutes. That is including mixing, rolling and baking. Man...I am good and didn't even know it. ;) If you want the recipe...just let me know and you got it. :) I just shared it with my friend Annette and she was mixing, baking and done while we were chatting online. These are THE perfect cookie for mom's who have young kids and want a nice after school snack for them. You will not believe me until you make them how good they are and how easy. Now I won't have issues with baking cookies anymore. Not when I can make them this easily, quickly and cheaply. :) God bless my boss's wife....:) (She gave me the recipe)
I found something this morning that may be a bit of a problem. My clothes are getting too big. Normally this should not be an issue. I'm happy being at a size 8. Could use some toning but I look good in general. The problem is...I look awful as a size 6 and don't get me started on how horrible I look at a size 4. I was there a year and 1/2 ago and I looked sick. I try to eat. Honest...I do. I'm just finding that eating is not high on my list of things to do. When I do sit down for a meal I don't eat all of it. I will have maybe 1/2 of it and then I'm done. I can sit down and drink my diet P*psi's without problem. It's getting food into me that is the problem. It is 1:00 and I haven't even eaten lunch yet. I'm a tad hungry but the thought of food makes me nauseous. I would love to have a King's Row Special which is a jr. burger, fries and soda. The sheer thought of eating it? Not a good thing. K has even said things to me like…
If you want to play, the game is…

Make a comment saying so and I give you a letter. You then have to think of 10 words that start with that letter and they must mean something in particular to you and your life.

God bless Nell. She gave me a nice letter. I think...I wracked my brain to find 10 words for me that started with an "S". Well here according to "S":

Sexy - Well I have my moments of being unbelievably sexy. It's been awhile though. LOL

Shopping - Anyone who knows me knows that this word is a given. :)

Sacramento - Yes...I am a true California Girl. Shocking isn't it?

Surgery - How many surgeries can we have in a lifetime? Let me count the ways. Ok...I'll spare you the details. Just know it's more than one.

Steak - I love my grill and the steaks I cook upon it. Medium well thank you very much.

Steven - How weird is this? My brothers name is Steven and his wife's name is Heather. My boss's name is Steven and his wife's name is H…
While posting my pictures of K's room who should walk by my house but...well I'm sure you all know who. I'm thinking that she really really needs to get a life. A park with over 200 houses in it and she has to come back here. Mind boggling. She really needs to get over the fact that I will never have anything to do with her again and I can't stand her. I remembered something today...well I think that God brought it back to me. She told me that while she was "friends" with Darren she had asked him if he would ever consider dating someone like her. He pretty much told her that he wouldn't because she was too fat. He was a little more diplomatic but that was the jist of it. Considering she went after her current fiance (I'm sure he won't be the last) not a week after I went out with him...I finally realized what type of person she is. If a guy can get a hard on...she wants him regardless of who he is. She went after my ex fiance and then … took me forever but here are the pics of K's room. I put before's and after's on it. I'm not totally done yet. I need to put the valance up and touch up some of the nicks I made while hanging up pictures. She really needs some baseboards but that will have to come later. So tell me what do you think of my handywork? :)
It boggles the mind how rude children can be. I mean come on...pushing another child out of the way just so they can walk in front of them? That happened to J today. I tried to find the logic behind the rudeness. I found none. Yesterday another child...same family...spit at K and then when I was driving out of the park he spit at my car. I've been told by more than one person that a child's behaviour is a reflection of the parent. Why does this not surprise me?
Nothing from Mark which is a good thing. My phone did ring the other night at 3am but seeing how my cell was in the kitchen I didn't hear it. :) I'm still a bit freaked out and I'm going to be watching my surroundings while going home today. Hopefully he holds true to his word. I don't think I will be doing any dating anytime soon. This experience pretty much has me weirded out on dating. I'll stick close to home and do my yard work and other such stuff. So much safer and easier on the nerves. :)
What has happened to me just goes to show that you never know what type of person you are meeting whether it is online or in person. After a couple of conversations with Mark I felt that he was not someone I wanted to be with. He was already planning out taking me to CA the end of August, meeting my kids before taking me out, taking my kids for bike rides, having to "share" me with my boss...etc. You can say it freaked me out. All of this was said in less than a week. Today he called work and my boss answered the phone. I was on another line. He eventually starts asking my boss about me!!! How out of line was that? He wanted to talk to me but my boss told him I was away from my desk. I got a call a few minutes later and had to go get my daughter from school because she is sick. It is a 10 minute drive from her school to my house. He called once while I was in the school and 4 times while I was taking care of J. He left a message with the last call. I had sent h…
FINALLY!!!! I have downloaded over 200 songs onto my iP0d and I'm listening to it as I type and I'm just this side of giddy. This is beyond cool. The little thing is no bigger than a pack of Juicy Fruit and light as a feather. I'm totally diggin' this little guy. We must name him though. Any thoughts? :) Something masculine as we all know I love those manly men. LOL Just as an FYI even though you already know the answer...the POTO soundtrack is absolutely on it. That is a given...duh...LOL
Talk about messed up!!! I was sitting here thinking about how Ronna had told me that I am a hypocrite because I am now a Christian. That made absolutely no sense to me since she was judging me on my past with who I am now. The definition of hypocrite is: The act of pretending to have beliefs, virtues and feelings that one does not truly possess. Before I became a Christian I never pretended to be one. After becoming one I never pretended to be one I was one. Where is all of this leading? I have a point...I really do. In the year 2006 if a person says they are a Christian all of a sudden they are called hypocrites, persecuted, judged and mocked. All of this BEFORE anyone gets to know them. In the year 1956 if someone said they weren't a Christian they were persecuted, judged and condemned. All of this BEFORE anyone got to know them. When did it become a crime to be a Christian? At least here in the free world? Just because a person was not a Christian all of their live…
Sabrina and I had a conversation today that caused me to look at things a different way. Things that have been haunting me for a very long time. Because of this conversation I have sent out some emails to a few of you requesting your support for me and my goal. I wish I could have added a couple more emails but I was only allowed 8. Laine and SoulSearching are the two I wanted to add. So Laine and SoulSearching...please comment here with your email addy's so I can email you and let you know what is going on. It's a good thing. It's strange how we come to depend on our "blog" friends. Funny thing this internet. Can be used in such wicked ways but yet it brings people into our lives that we may never have met without it. I have amazing friends in my life. That is why I have chosen the women I did for my support system. I know they will have my back with this. I admire each and everyone of them. A person would be blessed to have just one of them as a f…
I'm needing to make some changes. Changes that require a lot from me but will require support from my friends. Once I get my ducks in a row I will fill everyone in. I just realized this morning that it's time. It's time for me. :)
Ok....I saved some stats for the month of April. You will see how mind boggling they are. You will also see that someone seriously needs to get a life. All of these stats are from the same IP addy. So...decide for yourself if she is crazy or not:
IP #
April 1 - 10:09am
Apr 1, 2006 01:48:15 PM
Apr 1, 2006 01:48:21 PM
Apr 1, 2006 01:52:42 PM
Apr 1, 2006 09:31:56 PM
Apr 2, 2006 01:03:47 AM
Apr 2, 2006 11:03:18 AM
Apr 3, 2006 01:06:18 AM
Apr 3, 2006 09:34:26 am
Apr 3, 2006 04:30:47 PM
Apr 4, 2006 09:01:48 AM
Apr 4, 2006 09:40:01 AM
Apr 5, 2006 12:36:14 AM
Apr 5, 2006 08:27:55 AM
Apr 5, 2006 07:19:44 PM
Apr 6, 2006 08:00:28 AM
Apr 6, 2006 07:41:34 PM
Apr 6, 2006 07:41:43 PM
Apr 8, 2006 10:43:29 AM
Apr 8, 2006 10:43:39 AM
Apr 8, 2006 11:43:46 PM
Apr 9, 2006 06:16:30 PM
Apr 10, 2006 09:20:43 PM
Apr 11, 2006 07:59:19 PM
Apr 11, 2006 10:37:26 PM
Apr 12, 2006 07:53:12 PM
Apr 13, 2006 08:06:18 PM
Apr 13, 2006 08:06:26 PM
Apr 13, 2006 11:31:56 PM
Apr 14, 2006 08:50:38 AM
Apr 14, 2006 11:43:30 PM
Apr 14, 2006 11…
Something came to my mind this morning...other than the need for coffee. I have a sort of anniversary this month. Not quite sure of the date since I deleted my lovinstitch blog. It was sometime in May of last year I found out who my honest to goodness friends are. This would not be something you would think a person would want to remember considering how badly I was hurt but it was truly a blessing in disguise. It's hard to believe that it's been a year since 2 women whom I confided in with my deepest hurts and fears betrayed me in a way no friend would ever do. It was a situation that should have never occured but I am truly grateful it did. I sent an apology to one of them. She refuses to even acknowledge it which has shown me that she was never truly what someone would consider a friend much less a good one. In hindsight I realize now that she maintained a "friendship" with me to gain knowledge of my ex husband. She dated him a long time before I met him…
Nothing blogworthy. I truly hate being boring but alas...I'm completely boring right now. I have not killed the *&^#$% mole, my flowers are growing nicely, work is going well, kids are happy. See? Boring. Boring = NO DRAMA Ya gotta love that. Once I skewer the &^%$%# mole I will have something blogworthy. Until then...*yawn*. :)