Wednesday, August 23, 2006

There are times when the internet is a lot of fun. No...not when looking at online porn. That turns my stomach and we all know why. LOL I'm talking about programs that you can use for editing pictures, making video's. Stuff like that.
A friend of mine has a video on her myspace and I decided to try my hand at making one. I have to admit that it turned out rather well. For a first timer that is. I'm not going to post it on here because I have no desire to share my family with people who I either don't know or want nothing to do with. So with that said...if you want to see what I had some fun making...leave me a comment and I'll email it to you. :)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Ok...I have slept (kinda) since the show. I've been home and unpacked my overnight bag and returned to earth. Shall we start with the beginning? Why not...I left Yaki-hell on Friday around 4'ish. Got to Sabrina's around 7'ish. Needed some food that is why it took so long. Once I got to Bean's...went out for more food. Some really really good Mexican food. I had to have a margarita...well duh. The one I ordered was blue!!! Criminey it was good. I had mentioned that Sabrina should get a Chi Chi and that woman's eyes just lit up. LOL When she ordered it the waiter looked at her like she was nuts. It was too funny. She got her drink and it basically put her on her lips...ok at the very least it made her relaxed...LOL She doesn't drink much and apparently they don't have much of a demand for Chi Chi's so it was STRONG!!! I heard zero complaints from her though. LOL
As you all know I love Phantom of the Opera so I was up with the birds Saturday morning. The sun barely had risen over the horizon and I was up. ON A SATURDAY!!! Just wrong on a normal day but this was not going to be any normal Saturday. I was going to see PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!!! We were ready about 1/2 an hour before we planned on leaving. Went to Starbucks...mandatory. Obviously I was tired because instead of ordering a Caramel Macciatto I ordered a Caramel Maccachino. HUH? This gave Sabrina a good giggle. I blamed it on no caffiene in my system.
Once we got our muffins and coffee we made our way to Vancouver BC. We did not plan on a long wait at the border heading INTO Canada. This was our mistake. We were at a dead stop 1/2 a mile from customs and there we sat moving at a slug's pace...snails move faster than what we were. How long did it take for us to get into Canada? An HOUR!!! Ok...not an issue...we still have time to get to the theater. Oh wait....WE ARE HUNGRY!!!! Remember...we only had coffee and a muffin for breakfast. This is not a good thing. We got to the theater in time for the show but NOT enough time to put food in my rapidly getting louder growling tummy. Phantom is a 2 1/2 hour show. There is a quickie intermission but the need to pee was greater than the need for food. I thank God I had some Bottle Caps candy in my purse.
I can't even begin to describe the show. Amazing, fantastic, unbelievable, wonderful are all words that can't even justify what we saw. I was blown away with the whole experience. Now if only the woman behind me wouldn't have crawled out of her skin everytime there was a loud bang from a gun, the chandelier falling or the would have been perfect. Poor Sabrina was the recipient of someone who apparently had chili before the show. She was grateful for the A/C moving the air.
We got out of the show close to 5:00 and I can honestly tell you that I would have eaten a cardboard box at that point. Don't get me started on getting out of Vancouver BC. IT SUCKED!!! One ways, no left turn between sunrise and sunset and on days that ended in "Y". Drove in a fricking circle and ended up back at the theater where we started!!! Finally we saw where we needed to go and headed out of this maze of madness. Did you know that finding a fast food restaurant is next to impossible when you are starving in Vancouver BC? Didja??? Well seeing how Sabrina and I are usually on the same plane of thinking...we headed towards where the hotels were. There had to be food somewhere near there. There was. *whew* We had a fanstastic hamburger and fries at this little cafe in one of the hotels. Fricking expensive but I was willing to pay a payroll check for something to eat.
Now that our poor little tummies were happy....we hit the road to head back to the states. Oh good grief...another hour or more at a dead stop. Perfect. NOPE!!! Took us a whopping 5 minutes to get through customs. YIPPPEEEE!!!!We got to Bean's around...well I don't remember when we got back because I was too tired to even think about it. LOL I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I got up Sunday morning and was out of the house by 7am. I didn't even wake up Sabrina. She was so tired and I wanted her to sleep.
After a 2 hour drive home I took the girls to the Farmers Market downtown, went to the $ Tree, came home and did laundry and other various things. Took a whole 15 minute nap somewhere in there. Like that would do any bit of good. I do have one complaint about the weekend. I had to rent a car because the tranny is going out on my car. Well...the car I had was a smoking car. Meaning....PEOPLE SMOKED IN THE THING!!! If there is one thing I CANNOT STAND IT'S CIGARETTES!!! Sorry Nell I love ya but the smell just drives me batty. Can you say that my allergies are all fouled up today? Yep...does not make me a happy person.
All in all...the weekend was fabulous and I would do it again in a heartbeat but the next show to see....VEGAS BABY!!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Today is the day. :) Phantom. We are leaving here around 9:00 so that should get us in Vancouver around noon. Lets hope that we don't have issues at the border going into Canada and most of all...coming back into the states. Stupid terrorists...making life difficult because of their own ignorance. Good grief.

I've noticed that someone still reads my blog. I have to question why she does. My life is of no concern to her. She chose to end the friendship...let it go. I'm thankful she did though. She asked Darren out and then asked out another guy I was interested in at one point...might I add that one date with him was enough to end the interest. LOL Why would she do that? Beats me. Low self esteem? Needy? Who knows. All I know is that she reads my blog daily and in my opinion that is doing nothing but leaving wounds open for her. I've let the friendship go. I no longer want to know what is going on in her life. If I could move away from the mobile park I'm in I would. You see...she lives in the same park I do. I shall never understand...then again do I really want to? I would have to
OK...enough of that crap...TIME TO GET READY FOR PHANTOM!!! I'll post pics later this week. :)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Anyone know why I posted the Phantom logo? I'm sure you are just going crazy wondering why. Well you know what...I'm gonna tell you. In less than one week I will be seeing Phantom of the Opera ON STAGE!!! How fricking cool is that??? I'm beyond excited about it. Sabrina bought the tickets back in March so we have great seats for the show. Get to see the chandelier and everything!!! If you know anything about POTO then you will know the significance of that. Sabrina is as excited about it as I am. This is the first trip we have taken by ourselves since we first met almost 10 years ago. It's going to be a great weekend!!!

Some of my classmates from high school are getting together for a bbq next weekend and I will miss it but 2 of my girlfriends will be staying at my house with their kids and my kids so I'm not worried about my girls being bored and jealous of my trip. I'll definately buy the girls something as a souvenier.

This week is not going to go by fast enough. LOL I will most likely drive my boss nuts with playing my POTO soundtrack but he likes me anyway and will put up with it. Did I ever mention that I love my job? :)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The biopsy came back...


Yes...this pleases me to no end. It has scared me to death though. Figure of speech...LOL I don't want to die. I'm sure there are at least 4 people in this town not counting K's family who would love to see me dead but...just to spite them...I'M STICKING AROUND!!! lol Ok...I'm not sticking around just to irriate them. I could careless about them to be honest with you. I'm sticking around for the people who love me. I'm sticking around for 2 beautiful little girls who love me more than anyone ever could.

My life is continuing. At least for the next 6 months I don't need to stress too much. Yes I need to continue with monthly BSE's and with this will be ritual. At least I won't have to be checked again until after Christmas. Life is good right now...very very good. :)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Well it was an exhausting but fun weekend. Went to Sabrina's daughters wedding....see how gorgeous Sabrina and I are?

Ok...Sabrina is gorgeous. I can pass as ok. :) It was a beautiful wedding and Sabrina did an amazing job with everything.
After the wedding I drove north to a friends house in Everett. For those who don't know where Everett's 30 miles north of Seattle. The wedding was in Tacoma which is a million miles south of Seattle. wasn't a million but the drive felt like it so work with me here. Margaret and I had a nice visit in between kids running around. We went blueberry picking, buying me some flip flops because I was braindead and forgot my casual shoes here in Yakima. Lime green kitten heels just don't go with denim shorts and a pink t-shirt. Spent some time visiing with Margarets family and then headed home. 2 and 1/2 hours later I'm back in hell...literally. It was 20 degrees hotter here than it was in Everett. How is that for a shock to your system?
Today was Monday and we all know how I feel about those. Actually today wasn't too bad. I was just tired. Got an email from someone I hadn't heard from in awhile so that was a bonus. The rest of the Nothing exciting to report. Kyla is with her father for 2 weeks so it's lonely around here. School starts on the 24th so....yea!!! Summer is almost over!!!! Thank goodness. :) Still need to call the school and see what's what in J's classroom this year. gets back to normal.