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It's official. I have "Schmuck Magnet" on my forehead. Paul was one also!!! Good grief. I'm sorry but you do not tell someone you have only seen 3 times that you are in love with them!!! There were other issues but suffice it to say...I ended it. Too many fricking red flags with him. Why do I date? Why do I put myself through this crap? Isn't there a decent man out there? A man who isn't addicted to online porn, who isn't abusive, who isn't controlling??? A normal man. That is all I ask. My dating history is littered with freaks, geeks and....well freaks. Good grief....I hate dating.
Well things just get better and better. I called my mom last night and the conversation was pretty much about Paul. I know...shocking huh? Yeah right. LOL I gave her the basics about him and she was impressed. We got onto the subject of past boyfriends....Darren in general. My parents had no use for Darren whatsoever. Mom told me that when Darren started alienating me from my family she knew that I was being abused. Not in the physical sense but emotional and mental. She said that he had such control over me and when that happened she wanted nothing to do with him and she began a prayer chain for the relationship to end. Well...the prayer chain worked. We broke up within a month of the chain starting. Ah...the power of prayer. During our conversation the subject of Christmas came up. She said that I should talk to Paul and all of us come down there for Christmas. WOW!!! Did that shock the heck out of me. Not something I expected from my mom. Especially after everyt…
Whee!!!! It worked...:)

Well the previous date I mentioned fell through. I wasn't too heartbroken about it. Just something about him made me uncomfortable. BUT....I did meet someone new. His name is Paul and he is just amazing. *sigh* Yes my dear friends I am dating someone. *collective gasp heard from everyone* :) It was a great weekend and here are the highlights... Friday the girls and I left Yak-hell around 3:00 and got to Wenatchee around 5'ish. Sherri's (a new friend who wanted to date idiot boy...Darren but he thought she was too young and we ended up becoming great friends) mom was at her place so we chatted, had some dinner and then Sherri and I got ready to go out for a few hours. We both looked pretty darned hot for mama's. LOL We went to the Red Robin for dinner and that is where Sherri had a Peach Daquiri which equals Rum. After that we headed to The Buzz Inn over in East Wenatchee and she had a Seabreeze which equals Vodka. She was ok until she had a Watermelon …
I have a date tomorrow. *gasp* Shocking huh? Believe me...surprised myself with this one. We just started talking this past weekend. I figured that I don't want to waste his time and mine with lots of emails and phone calls. Just meet and if we hit it off...great. If harm done. This dating stuff sucks. Hopefully this will be the last man I have a "first" date with for a long time. So far all is going well. He is good looking, 6'3", teddy bear type (doesn't mean he is fat but just a big guy...he is 6 foot 3 inches ya know!!!), 2 kids (boy and girl), country boy, same interests as me and he thinks I'm hot! LOL That last part is the perfect reason to date him huh? ;) We shall see how it goes. No jumping into anything. One day at a time.