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I love Vickie but cripes...she is expensive!!!

Took a drive today. Drove to Kennewick which is 70 miles from Yakima. Why would I drive to Kennewick? I needed bras. Ok...I know you are asking yourself "Why is she driving 70 miles to buy bras???". I will tell you why. Yaki-hell does not have a Victoria's Secret. The Columbia Center Mall does. Hence...I drove 70 miles to buy bras.

I went into the store with the mindset of buying 2 bras. After trying on 5...I came out with 3. DAMN!!! They got me with the Angel Collection. If you have never worn a bra from the Angel Collection...I highly suggest you try them. That is like putting your boobs in a cloud. Very nice. :) I did pick up a small bottle of perfume. "Heavenly"...another one of those I highly suggest trying. When all was said and done...I was less $156. It was oh so worth it though. I love VS and nothing will make me change my mind about their bras and panties.

After leaving VS...I headed over to Bath and Body Works. I must be out of my …


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