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I have issues....with my issues

I've not been posting. I'm so sorry. Just so much going on and my head not where it should be. Mainly medical issues. When I get it all figured out...I will be back. Just bear with me on this one. If you want to know what is going me. I really feel no desire to post it here. Love ya'all...

40's are blog of birthday fun!

The princess has arrived!!!
I love these girls!!!
OMGOSH!!! I'm getting my first serenade. It got mighty hot in that place...LOLSee? I'll share my crown. :) Absolutely no one existed in the bar when he was singing to me.And then he kissed me...
No clue what I'm thinking here but the "I dream of Jeannie" theme comes to mind.
Only with friends can you be stupid and they still love you.It's all in the eyes...
Second group shotMe and my Sabrina. Friends for 10 years!!!
Everyone needs a friend like Joey. LOL
Awww...isn't this too cute?
My Sherri and me