Friday, January 11, 2008

Rest In Peace

Patricia "Granny" Cozby. You were loved by many and will be missed by all.

January 10, 2008

*I'll write more when I can do it without tears

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Fricking snow...

I am not a hater. Really...I'm not. I may dislike people but I do not hate. I learned long ago that hating will only eat a person from the inside out and make life miserable. I've also learned that if you dwell on the garbage people have tossed into your will be just as miserable. I'm still holding onto some garbage that I really, really need to let go of.

Yesterday I got a phone call from David, my ex husband, telling me his mom has less than a week left to live. We knew it was coming but when the reality of it don't want to accept it. I was thinking about how David's mom was robbed of her grandchildren and all because of some vindictive bitch who couldn't accept that David did not want to marry her. God forbid he married me so what does she do? Falsely accuse him of some heinous things and from there it snowballed into where we are now. An older child that wants nothing to do with him and a younger child who will never know her parents being married and in the same house.

The woman who felt it was her God given right to destroy a family is, in my opinion, right along side of Hitler, Moussilini, and Osama. She is evil, cruel and the worst person I have ever encountered in my lifetime. I am serious when I say "bitch" does not even come close to what she is. She destroyed a family and a man's life. I fully believe in Karma and one day Karma is going to kick her ass and I will look on with pleasure when it does.

Yes...I am still angry at her. An 81 year old woman is going to die without ever really knowing her 2 granddaughters. All over a woman who could not accept she was not what David wanted. David, our daughter, his oldest daughter and I should be in Texas right now. We should be at Granny's side when she passes away. But no...we aren't. We are a broken family. A family that should have never been broken.

I don't dwell on this daily. It's just when things like this come up, everything that Ronna did to my family comes back on me full force and the anger and borderline hate I have for that woman is very strong. She has been stalking me since I met David which was in 1997!!! No matter where I am...she knows. She has moved to the Seattle area. She still stalks me via my friends on myspace. My profile on there is private so she has no access to me. So...since she can't get to me...she stalks my friends. The woman is NUTS!!! David and I were talking about it a couple of weeks ago and I asked him if he thinks she will ever leave me alone. His answer? "No...she won't. You took something she thought was hers and with her mental instability...she will continue". Lovely...

Friday, January 04, 2008


I cannot believe this. I have no desire to blog as of late. Seriously. Me!!! The woman who used to blog all of the time. So much that I would wait for comments from Nell and Stacey. Now? I just cannot bring myself to blog about anything. Even if it's something really cool...nothing. That sucks. I love to blog. I just can't find the words anymore. Damn...

With that is a cool quote I found...

"Never allow a man who has “someone else” in his life to still share his expressions and feelings for you"

How I wish I had known that before I dated the last dumbass...