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Minor update

When I say minor...I mean minor. I went to my gyno on Friday and all he did was a breast exam and talk to me. His nurse set up 3 appointments for me. My mammogram and ultrasound are tomorrow. I will then see the general surgeon and oncologist on the 14th.

The weekend sucked for me. I cannot get my mind off of this stuff. No matter what I's there. Believe me...I'm trying desperately to not think about it but my boobs are always in my to speak. I did one thing this weekend that got my mind occupied. I went to a thrift store and found they were having a sale. All blue tags were 10 cents. I bought 28 items!!! Some were very high priced name brands. Some weren't but were really cute. I walked out of the store with a HUGE bag of clothes and only spent $14.00.

I got a call from my sweet Darren last night. Before ya'all freak out...I'm not talking about my ex fiance'. I met this Darren a little over a year ago. He has been such a …