Monday, June 30, 2008


Ok...been MIA for how long? Too long. Good grief...I remember a time when I posted in my blog DAILY!!! Then life was a continuous drama-fest at that time also. Life has mellowed out for me in the last couple of years. It's nice not having to look over my shoulder anymore to see who is there sneaking around and gossiping about me. Granted...ronna will always be there but ya know what? Not my issue. She has plenty of issues to contend with and I don't feel the need to own them. I read something interesting the other day on a billboard sign. It said "The person you are angry at is the one in control because of your anger". OMG!!! Hello!!!! Lightbulb!!! Why in the blazes did I not figure that one out on my own? As long as I hold on to the anger I have towards that woman and the evil she caused in my life...she will always be controlling my life. It was at that point I's time to let it go. What she did was wrong and she knows it. She will one day have to answer for all of the hurt she has caused me and my family. I refuse to allow my anger at her be the controlling factor in my life anymore. Eleven years is long enough. She isn't worth the negative energy it takes to fuel the anger. She will always be right along side satan and is evil personified as far as I am concerned but the anger and borderline hate I have for her needs to die and be left in the past. Karma has a way of coming round and giving back 10 fold what you do to others. She will face hers one day and I truly hope she will be prepared.

Aside from my enlightenment on that situation...I'm doing quite well. I received a grant from a dear friend of mine and I am going to be able to repair my home and put it to rights. New paint inside and out. New flooring throughout. I did buy some brand new furniture which I have never really been able to do. New dining table, end tables, coffee table and lamps. Freaked me out when I saw the grand total but I deserve to get some nice stuff. Really...I do. I was told about a store here in town that is going to be a God send for me. It's a home improvement thrift store. would LOVE this place!!! I am having a fabulous time finding stuff for the house and can just picture how wonderful it is going to look as soon as I am done. I figure...since I have at least 9 more years left in this hell hole...I may as well have a nice home to live in. Kyla is all excited to get it finished so she can have a slumber party for her 14th birthday which will be in October. Hopefully it will be done by then. LOL With great thanks to Craigslist and eBay...I've been finding nice things to decorate so when all is said and done...I will have a beautiful place to call home and not a place I'm embarassed to bring people over to.

Summer has hit us full force and wouldn't you know air conditioning unit is kablooie!!! Nice...and it's only 103 outside making it 90 in my house. The repair guy can't come to check it until tomorrow. Lovely isn't it? *sigh* But...whadda ya do? Not much. Just stay out of the house until the sunsets and it cools off a smidgen. Pray that it's not something really major and will only cost a minimal amount of money. I need A/C!!!!! :)