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The Shack

Want a good read? Want to have your life changed? Want to view God in a way you have never viewed him? I guarantee that you will not want to put this book down. Even if you are not a religious person...of which I am NOT...this book has completely changed my life. It is not a book on religion. Read it. You will not regret it.


I do not like them. The crawly kind of the ones that get into your immune system and totally shut you down. Oh my gosh!!! I had the stomach flu on Tuesday and I thought I was going to die. I even told Brittney, a girl I work with, to tell my boss "Tell Steven I'm going to die". It sucked!!! Stomach cramps, fever, body aches that were worse than I have ever had and I won't get started on the other things that I went through that day. Holy cow Tuesday bit it HUGE!!! I thank God that it was only a 24 hour bug and I was much better yesterday. Still have a cramp from time to time and eating is not high on my list of things to do but other than that...I'm all hunkie dorie. :)

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week??? Hello?!?!?! Where did the year go??? I can't say that I'm sad that 2008 is almost over. It hasn't been a fabulous year for me. Not the worst year I've had but all of the medical stuff has put me in a funk for the major…


I'll warn you now...have a tissue ready for this one. Nell didn't have that disclaimer when I watched it on her blog. Thanks Nell. LOL


Can someone explain to me where fall went? It was here. I know it was. I saw the perty leaves. I felt the crisp mornings but comfortable afternoons. Was it all in my imagination because fricking winter has shown up!!! No snow yet but it's in the air. It is unbelievably cold. I hate being cold but then again...ya'all already knew that. My office has windows the size of San Francisco so you can only imagine the cold taking refuge at my desk. I turn the heater on and I can't hear my music...which brings me to a new artist I have found. I am just amazed at this girl's voice. She sounds a lot like Sarah B on this song but the rest of the CD is fabulous. Check her out at:

Here is the first song I ever heard of hers. I'll be buying the CD. That was a duh statement wasn't it? ;)

Hold fast

One of my all time favorite singers is Michael W. Smith. I've listened to him from the age of 18 The results of the elections last night has really made me think about a lot of things. Where my life is and where I am heading it. No one is placing me on the road I am on. I'm doing it to myself. I'm living my life for me and I'm making such a mess of things. I'm not completely unhappy with my life. I'm doing the best I can but keeping my head just above water is not the way to live. To worry constantly about things is not the way to live. To have the fear of breast cancer foremost in my mind is not the way I want to live. I need more. I need something I can hold onto. To see the light at the end of the tunnel. To know that I am loved unconditionally and the only requirement for me to have complete happiness and know that there is so much more for me in life is to give Him my life. He wants nothing more from me but to love Him and…


As we all know...McCain did not win the Presidential election. I was watching the elections last night and it was amazing how quickly things changed. wasn't even a close race from the beginning but I thought I could flip through channels before someone got to 270. I flipped the channel and when I went back to MSNBC...less than 5 minutes was over. I will admit that I teared up. Not from happiness but disappointment and disgust. Our new president elect is not the man I was hoping would be in office. While neither of them were the best choice as our Commander in was a little better. That candidate did not win. Our country voted based upon race. Not for what the man stood for. I've heard how people voted for him just because he is black. They didn't even know what his stance on issues were. are you flipping kidding me??? You vote a man into the highest office in the country just because he is black? Our country is in a lot of …