Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Observations and opinions

It has been an interesting day. Our 44th President was sworn in today. For some people...it was a great thing. For others...not so much. I read that a certain talk show celebrity stated "He is amazing grace personified." I heard on the radio that people were clamoring to touch him. I'm really unsure of all the God like admiration and worshipping that people are laying upon this man we now call our President. He is a man. He does not walk on water. He is not the second born Son of my God. He is human just as the person who is reading my blog. I can't quite wrap my mind around all of this. What I can wrap my mind around is how I feel about this man. I do not believe he is right for the job. I do not believe that the other candidate was right. This country was handed a bad hand and we had to choose one. One was a poor little rich kid. The other was colored and from the wrong side of the tracks. Hmmm...we are all having financial issues...who should speak for the underprivledged? Easy one to answer but I will say I did not vote for Mr. Change even though I'm as poor as a church mouse. His stand on issues and my gut told me which little box to check off.

I'm concerned about how this country has drawn a line in the sand so to speak. So many people have talked trash about Mr. B. He did not make good decisions. No president is exempt from that. Do I agree with this war? Not at all. I do support our troops though. What really bothers me is how defensive and bent out of shape Mr. Change's supporters are if someone talks trash about him yet these are the very same people who have had nothing good to say for the past 8 years about the exiting administration. Mistakes were made in the last 8 years. Mistakes will surely be made in the next 4. When the towers fell I can't help but think and believe that the people who are bashing Mr. B were full on behind him when he wanted to put an end to terrorism and punish those who killed innocent American citizens on our own soil. But...both men are exactly that. Men. They make choices and decisions based upon what they feel is right. Mr. B did. Mr. Change will. Mr. Change will make decisions that will flat out piss people off. The very people who voted him into office.

This country is on a honeymoon right now. All is wonderful. All is fabulous. There is a black President. Correction...a 1/2 black 1/2 WHITE President. He is promising change. He is promising pretty much the world and to bring about peace. I hope and pray for his sake and mostly for my country's sake...he can make good on those promises.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Where have I been???

I've not been lurking. Really Nell...I haven't. I've been looking at my house thinking "How in the blazes am I going to get this all packed up???" I know I can do it. I've done it more in my lifetime than I want to think about. In the year and 1/2 I lived with Darren we moved 3 times!!! This isn't new for me!!! I just hate the thought of packing. The moving I'm all for. I need to look at this a different way. Not in a negative manner. I need to view it as a chance to purge all of the crap I own. A fresh start...to collect more crap. :)

I'm in the office today on Martin Luther King day when everyone else has the blinking day off!!! The phone has rang 2 times in the last 3 hours. The furnace that heats the building I'm in is on the fritz. It is Monday. I think that the day needs to end now. I need to warm up!!! Good grief.

The weekend was not a total bust for me. I had a coffee date Friday night. Quite by accident really. I love Craigslist and I found some decor for my kitchen. I met the person who was selling it to me on Friday. A single, 45 year old, very tall and handsome man. Oh...hello!!! I got two for the price of one huh? Only in my world could this happen. The "date" went very well and there are plans for meeting for coffee again. To think...I did not believe there were any good looking men in this horrible little town.

I learned something this weekend. Pay attention to red flags. A man I was interested in showed glaring flags Saturday night and I ended things immediately. He was calling my cell phone every 5 minutes. He was completely drunk and complaining about the DVD he was watching. This was not the first time he has called me while drinking. Once he was at Applebee's and said he was just getting ready to leave after having a drink. Ummm...hang on. He is a cop!!! Saturday night set me over the edge and I told him to never call me again. I do not need to get into a situation like that. See? I've learned. I don't need to settle for any man just because he shows an interest in me. Besides...I prayed asking God that if this man was not the one for me He would show me the way to end it. Most times God shows us things in a whisper. God yelled this time. LOL Thanks to that holler...I'm at peace with my decision. Not even remotely upset. That is definitely a good thing. :)