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A persona?

I got an email the other day. It was from my blog!!! I guess it has taken on a life of it's own and is missing me. So...I shall post today. Happy now blog? :)

It was a busy and fabulous weekend. I bought a house!!! I know. I can't believe it either. I never thought I would be a homeowner and here I am...owning my own home!!! We close on it this week and I am terrified, excited yet nervous all at the same time.

I wasn't too sure about the place until I walked in it. I went on the county assessors website and seeing that it was a 1972 doublewide...I was not impressed. When I went into the house to look not so impressed turned into "This is my new home". The owners were planning on retiring here but the husband passed away a few weeks ago and his wife does not want to live in it. I don't blame her at all. Too many memories with what they were planning. I could not believe all of the work that has gone into the house. They tape and tex…

And I giggle...

The things that happen in my world sometimes amaze me. Take last night for instance. Jordin and I are at Wally World picking up so kitty food, a pair of shoes for Jordin and munchies. My phone rings. I do not recognize the number so I don't answer it. I always do that. I get home and think nothing of it. Actually...I completely forgot it.

I'm sitting in my recliner because us old folks need those and I am reading a text when I thought..."Oh...I just wonder who it was that called me?". So...I send a text. "Who is this?". I get a text back "I think I called the wrong person but do you know T.?" WHAT???? T is a good friend of mine. this is getting weird. We continue texting for awhile and then I decide to call T. I asked her if she knew him and said she did and that he was a very nice man with a great sense of humor. I grinned. Oh really??? John, the wrong number man, and I texted for a bit longer and then he asked me if I …


That is the level of my stress. 110% of where it normally is. Let me see...

1. Needing to move. No place to move to. Well that sucks. Must live in the same school district because I refuse to tranfer the girls.

2. Time to have my mammogram/ultrasound. Two lumps still reminding me of this on a daily basis. Lovely.

3. Other issues I won't discuss here in a public forum. Care to know? Email me.

I did relieve some stress this week. I paid my car off so I have some extra money every month. Tax refunds are a wonderful thing. The one time of year I don't mind being single.

Stress bites big huge frozen banana's. I need some chocolate...NOW!!!