Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I want my own Edward Cullen Pictures, Images and Photos

edward cullen Pictures, Images and Photos

edward cullen Pictures, Images and Photos

Edward Cullen Pictures, Images and Photos

The right way

I have a daughter who is turning 15 in October. Can you say that I'm facing *gasp* a learners permit not soon after that??? Seriously? When did that happen??? Where did the time go? *sigh* Not liking it but it's inevitable. She is already discussing driving and the fact that I told her she would be driving my PT. Actually...she is going to be buying it from me. Being a single mom I can't just give her a car. Plus I want her to learn some lessons from this and that she won't be given everything in life. Needless to say that has put me in a position to buy the car I want. A sporty and cute little car. Been doing some looking and research and here is what I'm least for the moment. ;) isn't as expensive as it looks. I also did a quick quote for insurance and would you believe it's about the same as what my PT Cruiser is??? I know...shocked me too. It's still a year away before I need to get a car but I want to do my research and make sure I'm getting a good car and not some throw away. Isn't that just the cutest car and wouldn't I look great in it? LOL

Friday, April 24, 2009


Thought I would share a little eye candy for the weekend since I can't think of anything else to blog about. LOL Have a great weekend!!!

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

GWO2's going to be a "Not so annual but whenever we feel the need" kind of thing. Our next get together is being planned. It all started with a little book called "Twilight". LOL Pam and I got all wrapped up in the books so Margaret joined in on the reading. We now have her hooked. I read the whole series in about a week. Same with Pam. I think if Margaret continues the way she is...she will finish in about the same time. Anyway...I digress. The point is this...with all of the Twilight hysteria...and it is hysteria...Pam thought that a good time for a GWO2 would be when "New Moon" is released. Well that was just brilliant!!! We are going to crash at my new house and be legal teenagers. :) There is going to be a 2nd part of this GWO2. Since one of our legal teenagers can't join us...we are going to head to her place in early December and continue the GWO2. She lives in Ridgefield which is not far from where Twilight was filmed. Who knows what we will end up doing other than seeing the movie again. Now to start thinking of goodie bags, Twilight type drinks which we know is most important. :)

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*not the official poster but I loved it so there it is. :)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

And so the lion...

Currently my obsession. Why not? Robert is easy to look at and it's romantic as all get out. :)

I know it's not synched up all that fabulous but you get the idea.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I had a bit of drama last week. Nothing that got me too riled up but it was a drama that needed to be played out. This morning I awoke with the feeling of liberation and coming full circle. I won't get into specifics but the jist of it was that a person from my past could not accept that I will be honest when it comes to how I feel about things. If someone hurts me, I'm going to tell them. If I'm angry, I'm going to tell them. If someone makes me happy, I'll tell them that also. The person in question stated that they could not accept that from me. WOW!!! Seriously? My jaw dropped when I read their email. That statement opened up so much for me I can't even begin to explain. For the first time in 5 years I finally felt that all of the soul searching and self reflection has paid off. I am no longer a prisoner in my own life. I can parole myself from my self imposed prison that I've been in for darned near 5 years.

I have allowed certain people put me and keep in me in the box they want me to be in. To be the spineless and weak woman I was 5 years ago. When I found it in myself to take a stand and not accept that box and the parameters that was being placed upon me...those people cannot accept being in a friendship with me. I was looking at them with my eyes closed so tightly that I didn't see what they were doing to me. Once I opened them wide I saw so clearly what was happening. The way I see it long as they can keep me down and being the sad pathetic person I was...they don't have to face their own inadequacies and just how messed up they really are. I'm not talking in specifics here or about any one person. It's just a generalization of the past 5 years of my life.

I am now a woman who won't tolerate being treated with nothing less than kindness and respect. If someone cannot afford me those two basic principles then there is really no reason for them to be in my life. It's as simple as that. I will be honest with who I am to all who are in my life. I will not change who I am to please others. Accept me as I am or do as one person did last week...leave. Period. Sounds harsh but I have one life to live and I won't waste it on superficial and fake people who claim to be friends. I have too much living to do to be bothered with their games. It's just not worth it and definitely not worth wasting my time on.

Today was liberating for me. What a great way to start a Tuesday.