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While doing my morning ritual of seeing what new news there is about the filming of New Moon I had a thought. Shocking I know but I went with it. Once Breaking Dawn has been filmed and released what is going to happen? There are millions of females (I say female because there are more than just teenie boppers who are in love with this saga) who are completely and totally addicted to anything Twilight. Just google it. Obligatory line from Twilight. For those of you who have seen the movie a million and one times like I have you will get that. :)

Twilight has become such a phenomena that I don't even think that Stephenie Meyer knew how big it was going to be. It is so much more than Harry Potter. Don't get me wrong...I'm not dissing Harry Potter at all. I love that story and I will miss it when the Deathly Hallows movie has finished. There is just something about Twilight that keeps me and millions of others entranced. The way Edward loves Bella, how Bella cannot disting…

New Moon

Found this on one of the many Twilight blogs I read. :) I told's an obsession/addiction. If you haven't read New Moon then this video most likely won't make any bit of sense to you. LOL

A change

Yes...I changed my layout. It had to be done. Besides I was getting tired of the other one. Needed to mix it up a bit. You will notice that I have a chat box on the sidebar instead of having comments. Let's see how that works out. :)

The eyes have it...

Seriously...those eyes just kill me!!! Oh good I need to watch Twilight tonight. Can you say obsessed? I know I can. I am happy to know that I have support in my obsession with some friends. They are just as mad about the saga as I am.

I made plans for July 4th to go to Portland and watch Vamp Baseball with another Twi-friend. While down there I figured why not go visit the places where the movie was filmed. Great photo ops and it will make Kyla as jealous as all get out. She has to be with the SD all summer so there won't be an opportunity for her to join me. She is getting a Twilight birthday though. I'm taking her to Forks and we are staying in a Twilight themed room. Forks in late October. The weather will be lovely. Read that with sarcasm as any Pacific Northwesterner will tell you...the Olympic Peninsula will be drenched by that time. Must remember to bring an umbrella and my webbed feet. It will be worth it to see the look on Kyla's face and making a life…

Excess within control

Been sitting here today thinking about...well basically Twilight and all things associated with it. I did find a website that lists all of the places where filmed. Since I'm going to be in the Portland area the weekend of July 4th...I figured I would go on a photo safari.

While doing some prerusing of the internet...for some reason the movie "Somewhere in Time" popped into my head. In my opinion THE most romantic movie ever put on film. Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve had the epitome of on screen chemistry. While looking at a site that is dedicated to the movie I found some of them being my title. Excess within control. That brings me back to "Twilight". It would be so easy to get carried away with the story. I need to keep it under control without going completely fanatical about it.

Twilight and Somewhere in Time have almost the same premise. One person is willing to give up everything that they have for the person they love. There are so many …