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Are you kidding me???

I'm sure this will be taken down quickly if Summit has anything to say about it but for now...*sigh* Why isn't it November???


Ok...I try to keep politics and other immigrant crap but this one I just have to vent about. A friend of mine had a house fire last week. She lost damn close to everything. We all know that fires suck and when something like that happens you hope that there are agencies out there who will help you get back on your feet. Well let me tell you my friends...THERE ISN'T!!!! She just called OIC, which is a state run office, asking for assitance in getting her electricity set up because the power company is saying she needs a deposit to get service set up. Would you like to know what OIC told her??? Since she hasn't worked in the fields or orchards in the last 2 years she doesn't qualify for assistance. WTF???? Are you fricking kidding me??? That my friends is total bullshit. Excuse my language but when the hell did where you work qualify you for getting help after a catastrophe????

With what just happened to can ANYONE question why American citizens have…