Friday, August 21, 2009

Miss my blog

I am not on here enough. Been too wrapped up in planning my party in November and the cruise I'm taking next August. Life just gets so busy and then you wonder where the time went. So much going on that there really isn't time to post a full blog and I just post a status on my Facebook.

Things are pretty busy here. I'm having a party in November and if I don't keep myself under control I will get a little over the top. The menu's are planned out though. Since I'm going to have a houseful all weekend...I've decided on some great food. Baked Ziti, tiramisu pancakes, chicken gnocchi soup, baked brie (courtesy of Margaret), pumpkin muffins with pecan/coconut topping and a variety of other munchies. I'm slowing getting decorations but keep finding more and more that I want to buy. Four friends that I've met on the cruise forum are going to come over for it and that just has me all excited. Two are flying up here from California and four are coming from Seattle. I'm feelin the love!!! It will be a great weekend.

The cruise takes up a good part of my thinking. I'm meeting some fabulous people on the forum and I have a feeling I'm going to make some lifetime friends. I know the cruise is still a year away but we are all becoming fast friends. It's going to make going on this cruise so much easier for me since I'm going alone. I'll already have friends on the ship so the fear will not be too intense. :)

I've missed my blog. I really need to get back to it. I love writing. :)