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Matchmaker matchmaker make me a match

Seriously. I mean I'm going to be 43 tomorrow. I would love to meet my match. Where the hell is he??? Apparently he isn't anywhere I've been because as you can see...I am still single.

Good grief that word just looms like a huge thunderhead threatening to spew out an F5 tornado. Let's just draw attention to ourselves shall we? When I was younger the word "Single" was not ugly. It meant you were enjoying life. Partying and having fun. Did you know that the "S" word for a woman of a certain age draws really horrific visions in a person's mind? Such as...


and worst of all...

It is disconcerting. It really is. I'm not one of those women who thinks that life is over if I don't have a man in my life. Believe it or not...I CAN live without a man. I don't need a man to make it through this story someone decided to start for me. Do you sometimes question what the hell our parents were thinking? We did not ask for this story of life but yet her…

Just gets better

I don't care what anyone thinks or says...the Twilight world is a fabulous world. Yes I know it's fantasy. Yes I know that it will one day fade way. For now...I'm enjoying every moment I can spend in Stephenie's world. Today Stephenie announced that she has written a novella that is part of the Twilight world. It isn't about the Cullens. It isn't about any of the wolfpack. It's about a newborn and her name is Bree. If you have read Eclipse then you know who she is. If you haven't read Eclipse then all I can say is that she is a newborn vampire and was changed by Victoria. Don't know who Victoria is? She is a nomad vampire who hates Bella and Edward. Don't know who Bella and Edward are? You must be living under a rock.

Anyway...Stephenie is giving us a glimpse into a newborn's life as it begins. I am so glad she chose Bree. Bree has a very small but yet significant part in Eclipse. To see how her "life" began will be really interesti…

Summer 2010

Is going to be nothing short of amazing. Yes...most of it revolves around Twilight. That goes without saying. If you know anything about me you will know that my life is all about Twilight. :)

June is the beginning of all things Twilight. If you will look at the countdown to the right you will see that Eclipse will be released June 30th. Will I be at the midnight showing? I certainly hope so. I wasn't able to go to the midnight showing of New Moon which completely bummed me out. Even if I don't go at that time I will be going that weekend. It's mandatory. Another duh statement. ;)

July is beginning to be the month where some friends from the cruise and I are going to get together in Seaside, OR and checking out all of the Twilight set locations. Yes I know...I've been before but there is no such thing as too much Twilight. This is just one of the places we will be going...

August will be the month I have been living for since June of last year. August 5th I will be leavin…

This is dedicated to... names mentioned but if you have known me for any amount of time then I don't need to spell it out for you. Enjoy. :)

April is such a good month

They say that a person's favorite month is the month they were born. This year is quite accurate for me. Starting on the 1st I will have 2 paid days off. A friend from Seattle is going to be in Ellensburg but driving to Yakima and taking me to lunch. She is one of my cruise friends and I love her to death! We are making tentative plans to go visit the Twilight sets down in Oregon sometime before the cruise but that is still up in the air. If we do go there will be a few of us having way too much Twilight fun. :)

April 3 - 4 I'm being treated to a pampering type of weekend in Seattle. I only know a limited amount of info on this one. I'm being flown to Seattle. Going to dinner and then to see Michael Buble. The rest is all a question. He has it all planned out and I'm just supposed to relax and have fun.

A couple of weeks later I'm heading back to Seattle for a day trip. Linda and Bobbi, the cruise organizers, have invited me to join them at a Mariners game. I'm g…

Sometimes you just gotta say "Why the hell not?!?!"

I received an unexpected email last week. Shocked the heck out of me to be honest. It was from a man I dated a couple of years ago. We tried chatting back around the holidays but it got ugly and I blocked him from texting or calling me. Didn't block the email which is really unlike me. When someone pisses me off that person is pretty much blocked completely. His email was not something I even thought he would ever do. He apologized for being a complete jerk to me. Okay...that took me by surprise. He has never apologized for anything from our relationship. After his, what I felt was a genuine and sincere apology, he asked me to go see Michael Buble' with him. What the what??? Seriously? I was floored. I was supposed to go see MB with him 2 years ago but our relationship ended just before the concert. After a lot of thinking about whether I should go with him I decided to take a leap of faith. He has told me that he does not expect anything from me other than to …


OMT!!!! It's about freaking time!!!! Now to wait 110 days. Yes...I have the countdown on my phone. Would you expect anything less? ;)