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Glad it's history

This week has been the worst I have had in such a very long time. A daughter who has been so sick that she has had to have a CT scan, strep tests and yet we still don't know what is wrong. I've been having to deal with a stepmonster who can't seem to understand that I AM THE MOTHER!!! I keep telling myself that it isn't too much longer and I will never have to deal with that bitch again. My daughter and I are living for that day when we can tell that cow to go to hell.

Work has me stressed but nothing new with the reasons. Just need to put the rhino hide on and focus on what matters to me the most. My family, my friends and the plans I have for this year. Twilight Girls Weekend and the cruise. It's what is keeping me from going totally mad. As long as I keep myself busy I won't think about how thoroughly disgusted I am at certain people.

I do need something to fill up the fall and from what I've heard "Breaking Dawn" is scheduled to start f…

I am not as young as I used to be

Holy crow I'm exhausted!!! Everything about yesterday was worth it other than the drive home. The weather sucked!!! Seriously. I stopped in North Bend for gas and something to keep me awake and it was raining to beat the band. By the time I got to Ellensburg my knuckles were white and I could barely move my fingers because they were gripping the steering wheel so tightly. Rain mixed with snow and fierce winds made for an ugly drive.

I went to Seattle yesterday to meet Linda and Bobbi. They are organizing the Twilight Cruise I'm going on in August. Have I mentioned I'm going on a Twilight themed cruise? ;) I am. You should check it out:

Met up with Linda and Bobbi in the lobby of the Westin and from there it was a great time. Granted they were having a meeting to get some things worked out for the pre-cruise portion of the trip but it was interesting to see the inner workings. After all of that was said and done we sat down for drinks and app…

Concert 4/3/2010

Just because I want to be able to re-live it sometimes...

This was hilarious...

And my favorite song....aside from "I'm feelin' good" for obvious reasons. ;) This was the 2nd to last song and he still had energy after a 2 hour show. Amazing entertainer and someone I would be more than happy to spend as much money as possible to see again. I won't ever go see him without being in the 3rd row or closer. :)

OMT!!!! I found it!!!

While perusing youtube for Michael Buble video's from last Saturday's concert I came across the one where he smiled at me. I have just died again because I know that at :25 through :28 he was looking at ME!!!! Okay...the heart is doing some little pitter pattering again. Now I can live that moment over and over again. *sigh*

It's a makeup kind of thing

I admit it. I have turned into a makeup whore. I thank my Twi-friends for it. Sephora is like a swirling vortex of fabulous products that you just cannot pull yourself out of. I try to avoid the website at all costs but yesterday I had to order. Really. I did. Since there isn't a store here in the armpit of Washington I needed to get my birthday gift from them. A smokey eyes kit. I ordered something. What did I order??? Oh yeah!!! I ordered a small makeup tray. Seems that the one I have now is starting to get a little crowded.'s getting a lot crowded. BUT...with my order I not only got my smokey eyes kit I also got 3 perfume samples AND a super sample of Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum. All of that for $13. See? I love Sephora.


I do love this...

Should I get it? Oh wait!!! I got it for my birthday!!! I love having people in my life who enable my Twilight addiction. :)

My weekend? Words almost fail me.

I had an amazing weekend. My whole 4 days off were amazing. Lunch with my Twi-friend on Thursday, relaxing in jammies on Friday. Saturday I flew to Seattle to meet up with an old friend. He decided to pamper me for the whole time I was there. He picked me up at the airport and we went to a little hole in the wall restaurant for lunch called Txori. YUM!!! It was a little Spanish place. Not Mexican. Phenomenal food.

From there I did something I've never done. I got a facial!!! Great little spa in Belltown. If you are in or around Seattle go check out Spa Noir. Found the most amazing skin products ever!!! Will most definitely be purchasing them.

I was surprised at where I was staying. He reserved a king room at The Edgewater for me. Talk about a nice place!!! Another highly recommended place to go.

Dinner was at a place I had never heard of. He took me to Palisade. He had told them it was my birthday so when we got there we had rose petals scattered on the table. D…