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Would you treat your dog that way?

I'm not perfect nor do I claim to be. Let's just get that out there first and foremost. I screw up from time to time. I'm human. I'm fallible. I'm just me. I've learned that there are people who believe I'm someone who does not have feelings. Someone who is supposed to not let things bother me. Just put a smile on and take whatever words or actions are thrown my way. I am not allowed to get upset. Really??? I didn't know that I was a Stepford. Someone failed to send that memo my way.

I used to have a friend whom I loved almost more than life itself. I tolerated and put up with his poor treatment of me and my feelings for years. Making plans with me and then cancelling at the last minute. Saying he would call and then not. He was really good at making plans with me and then not even showing up. I accepted that from him for a hell of a long time because I loved him. Last year I finally found my balls and told him I was done. I deserved …

Opinions...everyone's got one

I am just boggled at the way people treat others when someone expresses an opinion. Seriously? Everyone has an opinion. Kinda like a an ass. EVERYONE HAS ONE!!! Today I was reading something about preparing for the cruise and not contracting a cold, flu or some other virus. A doctor had suggested to her that she might want to start taking Emergen-C and get her body virus shield up. Not a bad idea since there are people on a ship from the world over. I have no idea what kind of germies they have in Europe just as the europeans don't know what kind of germies are here in the states. Why not be as prepared as possible? Duh.

Good grief!!! The onslaught that proceeded from just one statement was insane. "Use hand sanitizers. Don't use hand sanitizers. Use soap and water. Don't take that much vitamin C. Do take that much vitamin C. That's not healthy. Not a good idea. You can get sick from that much vitamin C. My family takes vitamin C all of the t…

The hypocrisy is everywhere!!!

Non-Christians judge Christians. Christians judge non-Christians. So tell me...who are the hypocrites here? Every last one of them. I was reading some comments on a fictional book that just so happened to be Christian fiction. I love to read and have read some Christian fiction but this is one that I will not be reading due to personal opinions and reasons. Does either side not grasp the concept that everyone has their own thoughts and their own opinions? When someone voices their opinion on something "Christian" it's as if all of hades has opened up and all of the wrath from that has been poured down upon the person who made their thoughts known. Personally...I believe that "Christians" are the worst offenders out of everyone on this planet.

My view on Christians is that they are the biggest hypocrites of them all. They preach their views and beliefs. Live as they live or you will perish and be sent to the bowels of hell. Seriously? Every religion …