Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Only an Eclipse

It took my breath away more than once last night. Bella saying yes to Edwards proposal, the tent scene, the leg hitch, the fight scene. So many scenes that brought my favorite book to life. I have to give it to David Slade...he pulled it off. There was one thing that irritated the hell out of me and I hated. He did this wonky, shaky camera work that may be creative but did nothing more than frustrate me. Eclipse is not a wonky shaky camera kind of story. I'm sure David had his reasons but this fan was not fond of it.Edward took my breath away and almost brought me to tears more than once. He looked absolutely and utterly beautiful in this movie. So much that I almost chose a team. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm Team Switzerland. The tent scene just about changed that status. I love Jacob but Edward put it over the top last night. He was almost human. Rob brought Edward to a totally different level in this movie.

Jacob was finally seen as the sarcastic smart ass that he is in the books. Not some love sick puppy following Bella around. Taylor had some great one liners and he delivered them in perfect Jacob fashion. Everyone knows that Jacob kisses Bella more than once in Eclipse. Not front page news. The first time against Bella's wishes and the second Bella asks him to kiss her. While Taylor was very good showing Jacob's pain and anger...the second kissing scene just didn't have the chemistry that Edward and Bella have. It was so painfully obvious. Don't get me wrong...I love Jacob and Bella's relationship but not in a romantic sense. I was reading an interview with Kristen and she said it was awkward kissing Taylor because they are such good friends. was clear on the screen.

It was interesting to see how this movie played out. In the first two movies it was all about Bella. In Eclipse...she wasn't the center of attention and everyone's focus. Granted...she was in a lot of scenes but it seemed more that the film was about the pack and the Cullen's protecting her and their love for her. The backstory for Jasper and Rosalie were perfect. Gave just enough information about them.

Eclipse surpassed all expectations for me. Will I see it as many times as I saw New Moon? Most likely. Will I feel guilty about that? Not a snowball's chance. I am a true Twilighter. I will see the movies as many times as possible while at theaters and then will be in line at midnight for the DVD release. :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

3 or 23

I was listening to the radio this morning as I normally do. One of their subjects was about dating. Well seeing how I haven't dated in over a year. Okay...I haven't had a date in over a year. I haven't had a long term boyfriend since Darren. One of the statistics was men prefer women who have some substance to their hip area. Oh really? Where was this poll taken? I have yet to hear a man say "Wow...she looks great. Such round and squishy hips". I am one of those hippy girls. What??? I've had children. It happens to normal women. If I was a celebrity and had a personal trainer I'm sure I would not be hippy but one of those "unattainable women" that men fawn all over.

Women come in different sizes, shapes and forms. Not one body is the same. I have been a size 4. I look emaciated and sick. I've been a size 16 and I look like Shamu. Currently I am in between those sizes. I am a 10. Am I happy as a 10? No but I'm not depressed and suicidal either. What is frustrating is...we women are bombarded daily with skinny, stick thin women. We see men salivating over these skinny women and lusting like a sailor who has been at sea too long. In turn, we women, feel that we need to excercise, diet and almost kill ourselves to fit into a size 4. Why?

As a woman I find it insulting that a man would want me to be what he sees in a magazine or on a porn site. I am not airbrushed. I am not in a gym daily. I eat food. Real food. I love King's Row Specials. For those of you who don't know what that's a junior burger, fries and a soda. I'm a dipper when it comes to my food. Give me a sauce and I'm happily fed. I'm still a beautiful person even though I have hips and a squishy tummy. My last relationship was based upon men's views of how a woman should look. Thin, made up daily, nice clothes. Always pulled together with never a down day. I was brainwashed basically. If I did not look good I was not worth being loved. I gained weight after having a hysterectomy and guess what happened? He suddenly fell out of love with me. Our relationship ended less than a year later. I know I'm not alone in that scenario. Many women have gone through it. Sadly I won't be the last who experiences the destruction of self esteem at the hands of a man and what he views as ideal.

The media has painted a very dismal and ugly picture for real women. Not that the women in the magazines and movies aren't real but they are airbrushed, photoshopped and posed in ways that make them look perfect. It is those women we try to become. What men want us to become. I'm not saying all men because there are some men out there who love a woman for who she is and not what size she is. They are not the majority though. As a woman I find it unfair that a man would want me to be stick thin and look the way he deems a perfect woman. We don't demand that men have a 6 pack and be tighter than lug nuts on a semi. Be real in your expectations. Hard bodies do not last a lifetime. A person's personality and who they are inside does. Find someone you are attracted to but based upon your views of what beauty is. Not Hollywoods or the fashion industry. There are amazing men adn women out there of size. Passing one up because society says they aren't beautiful may be the biggest mistake of your life.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

It's a Twilight thing....

and you wouldn't understand unless you are a Twilighter like I am. I just bought something else for my "Twilight inspired" bedroom. We all know that I have Bella's bedding. I have yet to put it on my bed. It's driving me mad knowing it's sitting in a box. I know I know...I could put it on my bed but I want to get the painting done first. At least I'm thinking I'm going to paint. Heaven only knows I hate hate hate white walls. I have 2 walls in my bedroom that are white. The other two are a beautiful lavender. I'm just hating the thought of painting but I really think I need to get off of my flat ass and just do it. *sigh* This weekend maybe? A gallon of fricking paint is only $15 at wally world. I can afford that. Maybe I can head to Home Depot and see what their "Oops" colors are. Only $5.00 a gallon if I can find a color I like. What would match the bedding and my lavender wall? On another note but for the beautiful is what I just bought today...

The quote...not the frou frou stuff. I need to make my bedroom my own little sanctuary since I don't see me getting married anytime soon. Some stuff is most definitely Twilight stuff. I found the mirror that is in Bella's bedroom. It's a vanity type so not huge. With my closet doors being all need for hugeness in the mirror department. I just love it and even though the price is completely stupid...I want it.
I found a vintage dresser that I need to paint...damn that word...and I really think the mirror with this candle holder would look fabulous.

There are some other little touches I'll add such as a dark wood end table and a table lamp. I bought this lamp not realizing that Bella has one almost exactly like it only as a table lamp instead of a floor lamp.

I do believe this saga has become part of my thoughts without even thinking about it. Now to just get everything done before August. I can do this...right?