Wednesday, August 04, 2010

It begins at 2

Today is my last day of work for the next 10 days. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I've never been on a trip of this magnitude alone. I'm excited to meet everyone that I have been texting, chatting, emailing and talking to for the past year. This is just completely out of my comfort zone. I'm just a bundle of emotions right now. Terrified, excited, nervous. I am border tears because I am so ready to meet my Twi-family. I've met a couple of people already so that helps. It's all so surreal. I'm sure I'm going to have an absolutely amazing time. I just need to get over the initial jitters. Will post tons of pics when I'm home. :)

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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

2011...yes it begins

I love planning things. Just like this cruise which I'm going on in 5 days. I found out about it June 2009 and the saving, spending and making new friends began. I hate not looking forward to something. Just sitting back and waiting for life to happen. I make my life happen. :)

Now that summer 2010 is almost's time to start thinking about next year. GWO is a given. I sent out the preliminary email to everyone yesterday to get some ideas on where to go and what dates. Summer was really bugging me because I wanted to take the girls to the new Harry Potter theme park. That doesn't look like it will happen though. I have to buy a car for myself, tear up the front yard and do some landscaping, gut my main bathroom and redo it, put up gutters around the house and flooring in the house. My tax refund just won't stretch out that far. I do want to do something fun though. Young un's dad has plans for them so I'm not worried about her. Mini me has suggested that when Young'un is on vacation that she and I do something on the Oregon coast. Not a bad idea. No sales tax and outlet malls. Smart child I have.

Yesterday I was on the phone with one of my dear cruisers. She had just come home from Twi-Con in Toronto Canada. Can you color me jealous and 3 different shades of green with envy? I want to go to a Twi-con!!!! Well my lovely cruiser suggested I join them next summer. Really???? *said in a high pitched mouse voice* Me being the planner I am I looked up Twi-con for next summer. There are 3 choices. Boston, Raleigh, and Cincinnati. She suggested Cinci. It's next August and that gives me plenty of time to save money. So that is my plan for next summer. Twi-con with my cruiser friend, her sister and her daughter. OH!!!! I just had a thought!!! Instead of going to the Oregon coast I could do the Twi-con weekend and bring Mini me. That was a brilliant thought wasn't it?

Next November is the day any true Twilighter is looking forward to. In 471 days "Breaking Dawn" will be released in theaters. This is a HUGE thing!!!! It is the last book of our beloved saga. This will actually be part one of "Breaking Dawn". Summit has decided to make the book into two movies. I'm not complaing to be honest. I don't want this ride to end. I'm enjoying it way too much. Anyway...for "Breaking Dawn" another of my dear cruisers and I are planning a party for the release. This party has to be beyond amazing. Of course it will be a 2 parter. Can't have a party for one 1/2 of the book and not pay homage to the finale. It's just not right.

I've been invited to Los Angeles this fall and then possibly to NYC to see Phantom at some point but those are still up in the air plans. Nothing set in concrete. The above trips? Mandatory!!! I love my life. People may call Twilight stupid, a literary fail, teeny bopper frivolity and whatever other crap people like to spew. I call Twilight my lifesaver. It brought to me the most amazing people and I am so honored and blessed to call them my friends. :)

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