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People are just assholes...

Either that or they have some serious self esteem issues. While on my cruise I learned that there were people who thought I was a snob and said that I thought I was better than everyone else. WTF??? Are they kidding? Let's take a closer look at who I am shall we?

My past is so far from being of a snobbish kiss my ass kind of upbringing. My biological parents were alcoholics. My bio mother is on her 8th or 9th marriage. She smokes like a chiminey, textbook poor white trash and a total bitch. My adoptive parents were basically middle class. I didn't have the best of everything and we lived in a modest home. My first husband was unemployed and I supported us off of a part time waitress job at Red Lobster. mice were wealthier than we were. As long as he had his cigarettes life was good. For me...not so much hence the divorce. I currently live in a 1973 doublewide manufactured home. I drive a 2002 PT Cruiser. I shop for all of my clothes at thrift store…

Mike Welch, Chaske Spencer and Jodelle Ferland Twi Cruise 2010

He karaoke's quite hilariously. He actually split his pants while singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

Here is the Q&A session...

Mike and his booty dance from Twilight.

Home for a month

And I really wish I was back on the ship. Life is so much easier when you are on a cruise ship. No cares. No worries. Just having fun and relaxing. I can't even begin to say how much I enjoyed the trip. It was truly something that had to be experienced. Here is my trip in a quick pictorial:

Our first meeting. It was like seeing family again. :)

Welcome to Forks!!!

Forks Police car

What is left of Forks High School. I got lucky and there was a contractor giving a couple of girls a brick from the school. Yes...I got a brick also. :)

Bella's house. While we were here taking pics the owners were inside taking pics of us. LOL

Bella's place of employment.

Mini meadow!!!! Okay...we were laying in a bunch of clover but it was our own meadow. :)

The Cullen house. This place is GORGEOUS!!!

First Beach at La Push. I have fallen in love with this beach and to be kicks Cannon Beach's ass all over the place.

Me and Rhonda at First Beach. I love this woman!!! She is one of the most…