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Romantic relationships =

drama. That is all they are. I opened myself up in the last couple of weeks only to find that I'm not the brightest lightbulb in the box. I chose the wrong man to think something could develop. While he is separated he has not filed anything towards divorce. Hello smart girl!!! That is your first red flag. I chose to ignore it. While at dinner he said something that made me really think that I'm stupid if I continue this. He said that if his wife decided to work things out he would seriously consider it. What was that you are waving? Oh I know...A HUGE RED FLAG!!! Get the hell out and get out now!!!! That is a heartache for me just waiting to happen. I'm not really one for heartache. I've had way too much of it in my lifetime. I'm just not willing to take a chance that he won't take her back. The stakes are just way to high for me. I would rather be alone than always be worrying that I'm going to be the loser. Life is too short for rela…