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Dating is a crap shoot

It's flattering when you meet a man 200 miles from home and then he places an ad in the paper looking for you. What is not so flattering is finding out what this man's history is. When I meet someone I Google him. I'll look on court websites to see if he has a record. I'm not stupid. Imagine my surprise when I found out some things about this man that were far from what I ever thought I would find. I ended it within 24 hours of finding out this information. He is was less than nice to me. It's okay. I have to not only look out for my well being but I also need to look out for my childrens welfare. I won't put any of us at risk for a man. It's just not worth it.

So...I am back in the pond. Swimming around with the hope that there is a fishie out there for me. I do have prospects. A man whom I've known for at least 6 years and back in contact with. A man I know doesn't have a record and is clean. We will see where it goes. If it goes…