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The highs...the lows

In the last 7 years I have learned how to do something. Stand up for myself. I won't allow myself to be a doormat for others anymore. I also will not sit back and let others talk trash about me or behind my back. Once I find out that is going on...I'm outta there. Friendship over. Kaput. Dead. Bury it because it's no longer breathing. It is because of this I have been called many a name and told I do not know how to be a friend. Oh really now... If being a friend means I am to accept name calling, accept someone saying "fuck you" to me, not saying how something hurts me, keeping my emotions and feelings buried so no one can see them, and rolling over so I can be walked on then I guess I am not a friend. I refuse to let someone speak to me as if I am subhuman and not say something back. No longer in my nature. I will not accept two faced backstabbing people into my life. I don't need it. It may sound like a cliche but life is too short for peopl…