Life is like a box of chocolates....

You never know what you're gonna get. Truer words have never been spoken. Let's face is a crap shoot. Sometimes you win...sometimes you lose. It's how you handle the losses. Some losses I have failed miserably in the aftermath. Talk about your lesson learning experiences.

Natalie mentioned something last night on her facebook about how she tries, and tries and tries with a certain friend but nothing changes. was along those lines. I'm paraphrasing. That status made me think of the past year and how with certain friends I did the same thing. No matter what I said or did those women judged me or criticizied me. Those were the women I cut out of my life after I had finally had enough. A person can only take so much and then it's time to end the relationship. So I miss those women? Sometimes. Do I regret the friendships? No. It is through the ups and downs with them that I found who I am and just what I will and will not accept. I do think "Would I have ended the friendships if I hadn't made new friends through the cruise? Would I have continued to accept being belittled and treated as sub human?" Sadly...I think I would have. I would have been of the opinion that some friends are better than no friends. Heavens I would have been so wrong!!!

I do like the direction my life took me with the ending of a couple of friendships. I'm stronger and stand up for myself more often. I'm finding that people want to be around me and those people don't pity me. For example...I had mentioned wanting to go to Vegas for my birthday next year and within 24 hours I am spending a week in Vegas with at least 8 amazing women. Instead of me finding a friend offered up her timeshare. I have friends who are flying from Rhode Island and Texas. There are a few people who can't make it and I'm sad about that but they will be there in spirit. I've just gained so much with cleaning my life house. Will I speak poorly of the women that are no longer friends with me? No. They are who they are. They just didn't fit into my life story and who I need to be. I fully believe people are in our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I'm not sad that it's over. I'm thankful for the fun and good times I had. I just know when it's time to say goodbye for not only my self preservation but for their's also.

Life is short and I don't plan on regrets. With that said....bring on Cruise to Alaska 2012!!! :) Edward and Bella Pictures, Images and Photos


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