Fake friends

Last night was one of those nights where everything seemed to implode on me.  Well...not everything but I did see a side to someone that I never wanted to see.  Granted...I've seen it directed towards others so it shouldn't surprise me when she directed it towards me.

I found out a couple of months ago that someone whom I thought was a good friend, was talking trash about me.  Can you say "Why don't you stab me in the heart with a knife and twist it okay?".  WOW!!!  I knew she was two faced and backstabber but I'm not sure why I didn't expect it to fly in my direction.  I kept the information to myself as a long planned trip was coming up and I did not want to be out the money I paid for her flight.  Had I said something before the trip I know full well she would have never paid me back.  So, I kept my mouth shut.  Kept it shut until yesterday.  I called her out on her backstabbing and how hurt I was.  I was nice in the email.  It could have very easily gone down a bad road but I maintained my composure.    What she did was not expected.  She did not reply to me but instead blocked my daughters and a friend of mine from her facebook.  She then took her rant and rage to twitter.  I was called crazy, dead weight in her life that she is glad she no longer has to deal with, I have serious mental issues, I am not loved, don't have friends who care about me, that I am pissed about something from a year ago (REALLY???  So I should be okay that you were talking trash about me just after we got back from spending the weekend in Seaside for my birthday?), I need help and she can't help me.  The list goes on and on.  All of this coming from a woman, who 2 weeks ago was saying how glad she was to have spent time with me in Vegas, how we were going to be friends forever, how I deserve nothing but the best in life, how I was the best friend a person could ask for...blah blah blah.  As soon as she knew I was onto her...she ran to the "Twi-family" telling them all kinds of things so they will sympathize with her.  Let me see....when was the last time I gave a rats ass about what those people think about me?  Oh...how about not since the cruise ended?  People who knew me all of 10 days?  Please.  They are not even worth a second thought much less my concern for what they think of me.

This will be my one and only rant about a person whom I helped become part of the "Twi-family" as no one on the cruise boards would even talk to her.  That's okay though.  She is who she is.  She has her own demons to contend with.  I won't give her a second thought once this blog is written.  I did nothing to her to warrant her treatment towards me.  I guess I should have started putting things together when she showed very little concern for me when I told her I was hit by a semi while on the way to her house last winter.  I know I was a good friend to her.  I did not talk behind her back, I helped her out with her flight to Vegas so she had time to save for the ticket, I spent loads of money for party things on a party I was not able to attend, I defended her when people would say she was nuts.  It's fine.  I did what I could to be her friend.  She chose to destroy it.  The consequences she will have to deal with.  I am not the one who lost much.  She is 30 years old, lives in a home where dog pee and poop are part of the decor, drinks way more than anyone should, hates her job, has in-laws that don't like her and will one day lose everyone she holds dear.  No one will be at fault but her.  As for me...I have a support system in place that has banded together and brought me back up to where I was before she was around.  I can honestly say...she will not be missed. 


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