They say...

If you have been friends with someone for 7 years that friendship will last a lifetime.  Sorry but I call crap on that.  In no way does time mean someone won't turn on you and stab you in the back or throw you under the bus in order to save their own butt.  I'm amazed at just how two faced a person can be when they tell you they want to see you happy and just how much they love you.  How in the .blazes can someone do that and feel okay within themselves?  How do they sleep at night knowing full well they spew nothing but lies?

I repaired a friendship back in 2005 with a woman I ended the friendship with in 1989.  I ended it the first time based upon her selfishness and leaving me high and dry in our apartment.  No money to pay rent or bills.  I was forced to move back home with my parents  I did not speak to her again for 16 years.  She had sent me a letter some where within those 16 years but I did not respond.  She made her choice and she had to live with it.  How I wish that I had not rekindled the friendship in 2005.  In the last 8 years it has been nothing but a roller coaster with her.  Finding out just how two faced she truly is when it comes to me and others.  How she felt the need to treat me as if I was an invalid and unable to care for myself.  How she embarrassed me in front of new friends and making me out to be a drunk and a whore when I do drink.  The list just goes on.  I stopped talking to this woman a couple of years ago due to me being fed up with her "mothering" me when I asked her, repeatedly, to stop.  Why oh why did I allow her back into my life???  Just a couple of weeks ago I find out that she had completely thrown me under the bus for a situation that was not all my idea.  She was part of the idea also.  She allowed everyone who heard about it (one woman in particular who went on a rage and trashed me on a public forum instead of being an adult and talking to me instead) and she did not step up and say that she was all for the idea also.  Nope.  She sat back and let everyone on that forum completely trash me and belittle me.  Seriously???  I am not part of the group forum so what does this woman do?  Copy and pasted the whole conversation to me.  Yep.  She let me see every nasty thing that was said about me.  Instead of saying that it wasn't something that was wanted.  Nope.  She felt the need to hurt me and make me feel like I was complete garbage.  I really think she enjoys hurting others.  It makes her feel better about her "sad, lonely, soccer mom, husband doesn't give a damn about her" life.

After thinking a few days about what she had done I decided that enough was enough.  I don't need that from a friend.  What kind of friend would do that?  I'll tell you what kind.  A back stabbing, two faced, thinks only of herself and could careless about how badly she hurts others kind of friend.  With friends like her who the heck needs enemies?  So...I very nicely wrote her an email letting her know I had enough and her throwing me under the bus and not standing up to say she was part of the idea also was the straw that broke the camel's back.  I haven't heard one word from her since.  That right there speaks volumes.  I have since found out that she is "friends" again with a woman whom she was saying just a couple of months ago is stupid and will be divorced within a couple of years.  She has not said much that is complimentary about that woman so that has confirmed to me just what a loser she really is.  She can't be a friend. She doesn't know how.  She buys her friends with silly and stupid gifts.  She thinks that if she gives money or bows down and accepts any treatment from her so called friends then she will look and be considered a great person.  I've been bitten three times by her selfishness and cruelty.  Let her face her karma.  I don't need someone like her in my life.  I was a fool for allowing her to come back into my life.  I guarantee that it won't happen again.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice and even three times...shame on me.  I won't be shamed again. 


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