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Inner voice knows all...

Sometimes you just have a gut feeling something isn't right.  I had that feeling but ignored it for awhile.  That feeling just kept getting stronger and stronger until I absolutely had to listen.  I kept thinking and feeling someone was on my page to spy on me and then gossip about me.  I would get messages when this person would read something that I had posted which wasn't a positive situation within my family.  Wanting details.  I didn't give the details about anything.  I didn't feel that this person was looking out for my best interest.  I finally listened to my inner voice and I deleted this person from my page.  I had to.  I felt that I had to censor all of what I was posting and that's wrong.  I shouldn't have to hide anything.  My life is my life whether people agree with it or not.

I thought that this person would eventually email me asking why.  Nothing.  No email.  That told me everything I needed. They were on my page to use my life to gossip to th…

Words change

He said I was fat
I lost weight

He said I was too thin I gained weight
He said I didn't take care of myself I did my hair and makeup
He said I wasn't attractive I wondered what was wrong with me
He said he had to fantasize about other women I started to hate sex
He said I needed to move on I finally gave up on me
His words own me...