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Does God really care?

I've posted some feelings and thoughts on how I feel about God on my personal Facebook page.  Since that post I've been lectured, preached at and "prayed" for.  I was going to post this next thing on my page but honestly, that would be foolish of me.  Why?  Because I know I would be drug through a knot hole backwards, beaten, tarred and feathered.  I feel as if my thoughts and feelings are invalid and wrong.  Being fake and pretend is what everyone wishes to know of who I am.  So...I'll post my feelings here.  I won't get lambasted for them. 

I have a feeling I have angered quite a few of you based upon how I feel towards God. I respect that and won't argue your views and thoughts. I do want to say something though. My views are not willy nilly. They are based upon a lifetime of having doors shut in my face, loved ones removed from my life (not of my doing), losing 2 marriages. I put on FB things that are just lovely, showing a "wonderful" l…


I never ever ever ever want to be a grandma.  There are so many of my friends becoming grandparents and all I can think is "Please...not me"  I do hope that my kids will become parents.  If that is what they desire.  However, I want no part of being a grandma to a child.  I screwed up beyond imagination as a mother.  Under no circumstances do I want to subject another child to how shitty of a parent I was.  No child deserves that.